Why Hire OnyxFire Online Bookkeeping?

Why a bookkeeper?

Because Accountants are expensive to do things that bookkeepers do. Accountants do tax filings and bookkeepers keep your books up to date. A well done set of books will save you money at the accountants because they can trust that the data is entered correctly and that they do not have to search through all of it to pull the basic numbers, they do not need to do the data entry. Bookkeepers should be able to file monthly government reporting such as GST returns, Payroll (PD7A) and other various returns.

OnyxFire bookkeeping can file government remittances up to the working papers- the tax filings (T2) we leave for the accountants since that is what they specialize in. We work with your accountants to make sure that you are compliant and paying lowest taxes they can find you.


Why Flat rate?

You do not want to worry about how many hours your bookkeeper took to do something, you want the outcomes, specific things done by specific dates. You do not want to quibble over “it took you 4 hours to that?” – you just want to know that the employee cheques are going to be done on time, every time – with the correct amounts remitted to the CRA. It makes it easier for you to budget if you know the price up front and it encourages your bookkeeper to find the best ways to do something if you pay for outcomes not time.

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