Getting your business on the Web

Every business needs to be on the web.  At least that is what I keep hearing, but is it true?

Lets think about it.  I have several clients in my bookkeeping practice where it is not true and being on the web would be totally a matter of opinion.  But there are certain reasons for this.

  1. They deal directly with long term clients- they are not looking for new relationships.
  2. They find the clients and bid on jobs- those jobs would never look for them on the web.
  3. They are at capacity and not planning on growing.
  4. They cater to older clients for whom the web is not a source of information yet.


  • If you want to be noticed by clients
  • If you want clients to start finding you
  • If you want to start getting younger clients (especially millennials)
  • If you want clients to be able to contact you through email that is not generic (gmail, telus, shaw)
  • If you want new clients
  • If you want to grow your business
  • If your clients might be helped by getting your information more automatically

We can help by

  1. Getting you your own email address that is linked to your company i.e. – instead of
  2. Getting you a website that can attract business
  3. Making your company available to clients through your website 24 hours a day, so they can answer some of their own questions and then contact you for you to respond to
  4.  Designing something that is unique to you
  5. Helping you figure out if a website is needed – if its not right for your business, maybe just an email address is all you need
  6. Making your advertising dollars stretch by designing a website you can then maintain yourself if you want to